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Doesn't everyone like to start off the new year better than the previous one? You know what we are talking about? Almost all of us have them.. Stop smoking, going to the gym, start recycling, loose some weight, pick up that one special project... That's right: New Years resolutions! 

January traditionally is filled with them, that is why we are focussing this month on sustainability and being a bit nicer to this big green and blue globe we live on. 

We will share a lot of information with you this month about sustainability, circular economy, using refurbished networking equipment and why this is so important. We have some cool stuff planned during this month. Make sure to check our blog where we will collect all the information and links!

We also plant a tree with every order made in January! If you want to you can increase the impact by adding one (or more) extra trees when you place an order.
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